Charminar, Hyderabad

This pic requires no introduction as its the first symbol/recognition of the City Hyderabad, India. It is Charminar

Its been nine months in Hyderabad and I still haven't seen Charminaar the name which identifies city Hyderabad, so I set my Nikon D80 SLR camera and set my voyage. I started from KPHB bus stop and catch 218 # bus to Koti (we don't have direct bus from KPHB to Charminar, should have gone past Koti to Afzal Bus stand as from here auto's goes to charminar), took 1.5 hr to reach Koti (late only because of traffic traffic traffic !!!). From Koti no auto wala's is keep to go to Charminaar because of heavy traffic flow surrounding the area, I some what got one biker help of my age and reached Afzal bus stand, from there took an auto to reach Charminaar. Once i reached the place then understood why auto wala's are reluctant to tread here. But its worth the pain as you can see the pic left side.

For almost 30 min I was trying to figure out spot from where I can take a splendid pic of this monument, the above pic was shot from Andhra Bank floor (interestingly this bank was on strike this day).

Script from sign board inside the building

"Charminar, which is Synonymous with Hyderabad is one of the magnificent Structure's built by Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah, the fifth ruler of the Qutub Shahi dynasty and also the founder of the City, in Hijri 1000(A.D. 1591-92). This is a square structure measuring 31.95 mts. on each side with imposing arches spanning a distance of 11mts. there are four minarets, each having there storeys, rising to height of 56 mts. The spiral staircase inside the minarets has 149 steps leading to the top with 12 landings. The double screen of arches on the roof and ornamental arches on the miniarts add to the aesthetic value. The notable feature of Charminar is the location of mosque on the western section of the second floor, probably one of the most beautifull of this period. There are forty five mushallas(prayer spaces) with an open courtyard in fronts. The st
ructure is also known for its profuseness of stucco decorations and arrangements of balustrades and balconies. The floral designs are varied and delicately execute. It was synthesis of Mughal and Hindus architecture executed by local artisans. There are vanous theories regarding the purpose for which Charminar was constructed. However, it is widely accepted that Charminar was built at the center of the city, to commemorate teh eradication of plague. In the middle of the eighteenth century, Bussy the french Commander made Charminar his headquarters. The flour clocks were added later, on the four cardinal directions in the year 1899. At the base of charminar was originally a Vazu (water, cistern) at the center with a small fountain for customary ablutions, before offering prayers int he mosque."

One floor of Charminaar is open for visitors with the payment of Rs 5 (Non-Indians must have different rates) there are several floors in this building but only one is open for public, from there one can see the whole market surrounding this building, one can easily see thousands of people wandering the market and hardly any free space for even auto to move. See below pics shot from top (will you dare to drive your four wheeler here?)

Some of the
pics shot from top of this building. Traffic is coming from one side and goes to other revolving this building, there are four ways and this minaar is in center to that. The road is wide enough to afford this traffic but its due to due the local theleywalas (shops on four wheeled cart) who is occupying almost half of the roads, but then this is what people likes and the most convenient shopping by foot, one side of this road is fully occupied by wheeled shops having choodies (colored thin glass bangles), jeweleries, glass items etc. Other side is food market.

One side of the minaar has hospital "Nizam General Hospital (Unani)" I wonder how can an ambulance will make to hospital if there is an emergency in this traffic!!!, may be at the time of this built no one would have thought this much of rush. See the Hospital here in the left side of the pic.
Just opposite to hospital is Mecca Masjid (i just missed to take pic, but you can see the big courtyard on the front of Masjid.

A close pic of Charminar reveals splendid stone decoration as shown below


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