Thousand Pillar Temple

As the name states, this temple has got thousand pillars though not standing individually but carved in such a way that it looks like several pillars stitched together to form a temple wall. This temple is constructed in 1163 AD (i.e. prior to Ramappa Temple) by Rudra Deva-I of Kakatiya Dynasty and measures over 31x25m and stands on a platform which is raised to 1M from the ground (the same way Ramappa Temple is raised). It consists of three shrines of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Surya arranged around a central hall. Left side of the temple is occupied by Shiv Linga, right by Surya and the center by Vishnu. Only Shiva Linga is remained rest two idols are missing. It's not surprising of this missing as majority of Kakatiya'n are followers of Lord Shiva. I also heard the Vishnu Idol was plated in gold and thus may be the cause of missing.

There is no entrance fee. This temple is on the road side and few minutes away from the "Bhadrakali Temple" and from the Hanamkonda bus station. Prayers are still being offered. This premises has one more structure just in front of this temple called "Mandapa" consisting of several marvelously carved individual pillars supporting the roof. Unfortunately this "Mandapa" has been dissembled and removed (now its a plain ground), the area is closed for public and construction is under way as they will put this back in a same shape. Its been said that underneath is a water and this might imbalance this structure, strangely I didn't found much reference of this event in web and didn't get much help from locals either. 
Front portion of the main entrance of this temple is held by big Nandi Idol and is prime spot for photo shoot (you will find few professional photographers making their business). Walls of the temple as you can see is carved in several pillars which together counts to 1000 (I didn't counted though but I trust history). I visited inside, offered my prayers to a loan survivor Idol i.e. Lord Shiva and went back to lodge (near Hanamkonda bus station). 

Regarding transportation back to Hyderabad, Buses both Volvo and Regular are available every 30min from Hanamkonda bus station,  for private buses you need to purchase tickets over the counter (which is computrised just like in railway stations) and journey is usually 2 - 2.5 hrs. Volvo is non stop and is the prefered one over public bus.

The Warangal journey now come to an end with only disappointment of not seeing the "Mandapa" architecture but may be I come back some time in future.


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